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Saturday, May 10, 2008

IZEA's newest evolution: Socialspark.

I have been a happy member of PayPerPost for over a year now and I am glad to have the opportunity to write about IZEA's newest consumer generated advertising website: SocialSpark.

For those of you not aware of how IZEA's consumer generated advertising network function, let me briefly introduce you to the concept. In short, IZEA's network is a way for various businesses from all around the world to increase the visibility of their different businesses, products and/or websites thru personnal blogs (just like this one) that are already active on the blogosphere. The advertisers that are needing more exposure for their different products or services are posting paid opportunities for bloggers. When a blogger wishes to take an open opportunity, all he has to do is write about the business or the product in their own words and include a certain number of links towards the advertiser's website into his text.

For almost two years, PayPerPost has been steadily growing in popularity towards bloggers while offering an excellent ROI to the advertisers. But, as you know, nothing is ever perfect and IZEA has decided to evolve to increase it's effectiveness and created SocialSpark.

This new website virtually works the same way as PayPerPost did but now allows bloggers and advertisers to get in a much closer relationship with each other. Both the bloggers and the advertisers can now have a direct relationship and can now interact in a much more productive way. Both can now browse each other's profiles and can directly interact thru messaging. Within a few minutes, an advertiser can now learn a lot more about any specific blogger and his different blogs to target an even more effective campaign (and an even better ROI).

As for the bloggers, they can read each other profiles, learn more about each other, message each other and exchange on various subjects while earning extra cash along the way.

So if you are a blogger or an advertiser, a visit to SocialSpark is a must. A code of ethics is in place and all the bloggers are including In-Post Disclosure, Transparency, Real Opinions and all this is Search Engine Friendly.

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