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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Register to Goozex and get a free game!

Goozex.com is the leading online video game trading site online today and now offers a free game to any new user that registers during the month of may.


The list of available games is absolutely impressive on Goozex. Once a registered user has finished a game, he can trade his game for points and use those points to acquire a new game of his choice. The list of available games includes any popular platform: Playstation 3, XBOX, PSP, WII, Nintendo Cube, Nintendo DS, PC or Apple only to name those platforms.

Goozex's website is clean, very well organized and easy to browse. You can find anything you want within a couple of easy clicks. A newsletter and a forum is also available to users. At the time I have visited the website, over 5000 trades were active at the same time so the choice of available games covers any kind of gamer out there.

In my opinion, this website should have a huge success. The concept gives a new life to a game and allows users to get more value out of their initial purchase. Without any doubt, Goozex.com is a must visit for any hardcore gamer out there.

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