Overtime!: The Saputo stadium is ready.
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Saputo stadium is ready.

The Montreal Impact is a week away from playing it's first home game and the organization officially presented the Saputo stadium to the press yesterday.

With it's 13 000 seats, the new home of the Montreal Impact is said to be the best looking stadium of the United Soccer League and there are also speculations about the transfer of the team into the Major Soccer League as soon as next year.

Should the team enter the MSL next year, the possibility of increasing the number of seats has been planned and would be easily achievable. In a meeting between the MSL and the Montreal team, the league suggested that a minimum of 18 000 seats is needed in order to be accepted. The Montreal Impact owner, Joey Saputo, said that the addition of 5 000 seats would not be a problem for the franchise.

(Picture: Saputo stadium, Canadian Press.)


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