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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hockey Canada invests in National training centre.

Today, thru a press conference held by Hockey Canada's president Bob Nicholson, a final $69 Millions investment announced from the government of Alberta seals a $280 Millions total budget for a brand new national team training centre.

The Canadian government along with the city of Calgary and finally private investors are completing the total sum of the amount announced today.

The national training centre will help coordonate the different national teams training camps that are held before each major international event. Mr. Nicholson said that Hockey Canada expects the centre to be completed in time for the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver.

The first phase of the project includes the construction of two rinks. The first one with international rules dimensions as the other rink is to be built as ruled in the National Hockey League. (A very intuitive idea by Hockey Canada that I personally like)

The complex has also some space allowed for different offices among Hockey Canada's headquarters. The centre will be located in Calgary, a stone throw away from Calgary University.

This will proove to be a sound structure for Canada. The coordination and quality of the teams preparation for international events will be increased with this brand new complex. This project will most definatly benefit the Calgary University as well.

Canada will keep itself on top of hockey for years to come. Bring on the Russians, Czechs, Swedes and those Americans!

(Picture: Bob Nicholson, Canadian Press)



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