Overtime!: Villeneuve is satisfied with his progress.
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Villeneuve is satisfied with his progress.

No matter where you are coming from, when you are an Indianapolis 500 winner and an ex F1 world champion, you cannot go around the racing world unnoticed.

This is exactly what is happening with Jacques Villeneuve this last month. Every new step he takes in his career is followed with attention by racing fans and by the press. Villeneuve is still of interest for the press and for racing fans.

This summer highlighted us a new side of Villeneuve; a calm, confident and cool Villeneuve. The press kept us updated with the new chapters in his career: From his participation at the 24 hours of LeMans earlier this summer to his new contract signed last month with the Bill Davis Racing team of the NASCAR series. We can clearly see a new Jacques Villeneuve, his attitude seems to have changed for the better.

These last few weeks, Villeneuve has turned his career towards NASCAR racing as planned. He had already moved back to North America last year along with his wife and kid. The plan was in place, and is now unfolding. Villeneuve said that he is liking his NASCAR experience this far. The last practice session in Chicago on board of a Craftsman truck series was productive according to him and his team members. The times registered by Villeneuve on the track were as good as the series leader.

After the end of the current season, Villeneuve will move from the Craftsman series to the very popular and exciting NASCAR Nextel cup series with the Bill Davis Racing team. Villeneuve has to go thru the same adjustment period as an old opponent from Villeneuve's Indycar and F1 seasons: Juan Pablo Montoya, who extended his career towards the Nextel cup himself.

Jacques Villeneuve said that he is impatient to battle with the best NASCAR pilots next season. Will he be able to perform well in the Nextel cup right off the bat? Only time will tell us.

(Picture: Canadian Press)



Blogger valmg said...

I thought Villeneuve behaved quite nicely at Talladega.
I do not Like Juan Pablo Montoya.

12:10 AM  

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