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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bow down to the king.

Yesterday's edition of WWE Monday night RAW marked the return of a huge fan favorite.

The king of kings himself, Triple H has made his return to RAW after a long 8 month inactivity period due to a knee injury that requested a complete surgical reconstruction.

For the first match of his official return this last sunday night at Summerslam, HHH disposed of King Bookah, prooving once again that he is the only true king in the WWE. His return was awaited by the WWE fans all around the world, and the loud crowd reactions he got in two consecutive days at Summerslam last sunday and at yesterday's edition of RAW prooved it.

The role that HHH plays in Raw's weekly storylines was really missing those last months. Raw really presented a couple of poor shows during his absence. The product presented was simply awful for too many weeks. The show contained as well too many Vince McMahon delusions in the storylines. Raw has got to pick up the general show quality and a large part of the upcoming task will probably lie on HHH's shoulders.

Yesterday, HHH has blown on hot ashes and got Vince's attention as he managed (once again) to insult and manipulate the WWE chairman at will. After painting the chairman in the corner by accusing him of running illegal cock fights in his basement (a quick wink at Michael Vick), the cerebral assassin made Mr. McMahon admit he loved cats, dogs, horses and even (cocks). Let's hope that HHH will continue and send McMahon towards the back of the scene, where he can't bother us with his delusional fantasies.

We also know that Triple H is obsessed with the WWE heavyweight title. His throne. He has not mentioned anything about it yet, haven't threatened the champion John Cena...yet. But sooner or later, we know that the championship call will ring in his head, a call that he won't resist for very long. The former 11-time world champion will soon be asking for a 12th reign.

Will the WWE champion John Cena bow down to the king?



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