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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Unseen since 110 years!

The Texas Rangers have destroyed the Baltimore Orioles yesterday. It was really more than a simple blowout. The Rangers have scored a total of 30 points in a 30-3 demolition derby.

The Rangers scored 5 points during the 4th inning, 9 points during the 6th inning, 10 during the 8th and 6 during the 9th inning for a total of 30 points. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, a team haven't scored as many points in a single game since Chicago have defeated Louisville on June 1897! Just a bit more than a hundred and ten years!

The Texas Rangers becomes the 9th team in MLB baseball history to get to the 30 points mark in a single game. And to make matters worse for Baltimore, both teams had to play a second game yesterday. A game that the Rangers won 9-7.



Blogger achengy said...

Everyone is making jokes about Baltimore lol.

Anyway I started up a movie blog want to link exchange?

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