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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why Bob, why?

During the first round of the 2007 NHL entry draft, all eyes were set on General Manager Bob Gainey and his recruiting director Trevor Timmins in Montreal. The reason is that young prospect from the Quebec Remparts, Angelo Esposito was available.

We all thought that the young Esposito would be already picked come Montreal's time to choose. Esposito had met with Carolina Hurricanes General Manager Jim Rutherford three times. The Hurricanes were picking just in front of Montreal. But oh surprize! The Hurricanes chose Brandon Sutter, leaving Esposito available for Montreal to pick. Originally from Montreal, Esposito clearly stated weeks before the draft that he dreamed of playing with the Canadiens.

I thought that this was it, Esposito was ours. Bob Gainey and Treor Timmins went to the front desk to announce their choice. Trevor Timmins approached from the microphone to announce his pick: ''The Montreal Canadiens are proud to select...Ryan McDonagh.''

WHAT?!? WHO?!? That was my first reaction. The commentators from RDS were also in shock. Two seconds after that I was totally pissed. then I said to myself: ''This player has better be extremely good or they will hear about this for at least a decade!'' So why did Montreal ignored a talented french canadian from Montreal dreaming of playing for the Habs?

Why Bob, why? Are you anti-francophone Bob?

Is this another kind of ridiculous pick like the Doug Wickenheiser instead of Denis Savard one? And to make matters worse, The Pittsburgh Penguins picked Angelo Esposito just a bit later. They do not hesitate to pick french speaking players from Quebec. They have Marc-Andre Fleury in net, Michel Therrien as head coach, Jocelyn Thibault as backup goalie, and now Angelo Esposito.

I already imagine the first Pittsburgh line in a few years from now. Sydney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Angelo Esposito. That line could make some damage in a few years around the league. What will the Montreal press say when Esposito will score a goal against Montreal with Mcdonagh on the ice?

Today is Quebec's national day and I don't feel like celebrating at all...



Blogger achengy said...

If Eposito does in fact become a great NHL-er this one will be a tough pill to swallow... at least we traded our pick before we had the chance to mess it up like the 19 teams ahead of Pittsburgh.

6:28 AM  

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