Overtime!: Habs gets rid of Samsonov.
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Habs gets rid of Samsonov.

Sergei Samsonov have been traded to the Chicago Blackhawks for Jassen Cullimore and Tony Salmelainen. General Manager Bob Gainey figured that Samsonov was not in the team's plans anymore and did the good thing by trading him instead of buying back Samsonov's contract.

Montreal should logically buy back Cullimore's contract and evaluate Salmelainen, a 25 year-old player. By comparison of the salaries, the Montreal Canadiens will save around $640 000 on their salary cap. That sum can be applied to another contract, to Sheldon Souray's new contract or for another acquisition.

Finally a good move from Bob Gainey. I totally agree with the personnel move.



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