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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Getting cheaper every week.

Yesterday's episode of Monday Night Raw could be described as a needed deep vacuum cleaning session. A draft was scheduled during yesterday's episode. Such drafts happen periodically to mix up the Raw, Smackdown and ECW rosters with new and fresh faces. These moves can also be seen as promotions for some and demotions for others.

So with that in mind, a nice piece of cleaning up has been done yesterday. The Great Khali, The boogeyman, Torrie Wilson, Chris Masters and Ric Flair were thrown away from Raw to Smackdown. All of them really needed to get out of Raw. A good thing because Masters, Khali and Flair are clearly not good enough and not of any interest for the fans. So they were thrown away from Raw yesterday...good riddance! The one exception to this rule must be Torrie Wilson. She was sent to Smackdown maybe just to upgrade the women roster out there...

So when some wrestlers are thrown away from Raw, open spots are filled with the most promising wrestlers from Smackdown and ECW. King Booker, Bobby Lashley, Snitzky and Mr Kennedy (wait a few seconds....) KENNEDY! are flowing into Raw. For Booker and Snitzky it's a well deserved return to Raw as for Lashley and Mr Kennedy....(KENNEDY!!!!!) they are without a doubt WWE's cream of the crop and will both be a perfect fit for Raw.

As for ECW, the roster welcomes Chris Benoit and The boogeyman. The first one will probably be around the ECW championship hunt as the boogeyman's freakish style should better serve ECW than any other WWE brand.

Everything was going well until the very end of the show. The matches were fine, the whole draft switches were also fine and were perfectly making sense. So Mr.McMahon, who was still a bit troubled these past weeks by the loss of his ECW title, entered in a white limousine (which in 99% of the case is a black one) to leave the building. As Mr McMahon was taking place in the long white car, a ''bomb'' exploded, spitting flames that burned the car from front to back. Firefighters rushed to the scene trying to find Mr. McMahon's body inside the wreck.

WWE.com's front page immediatly titled: Mr. McMAHON PRESUMED DEAD.

I have no problem with the fact that this is entertainment and some tragic stories sometimes really happen. Hell, I have no problem with McMahon's car exploding tragically. My problem is the huge title on the website and the attempt to make this a real story.

At the end of the article describing the scene, the attempt to fool the fans is obvious and really cheap. Here is the last part of the article about McMahon's car ''bombing''.

''This incident is the first of its kind since the assassination of political figure Orlando Letelier in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Sources say that given the nature of the apparent car bombing, under law federal authorities will be called in for a more thorough investigation that would supersede local Pennsylvania authorities.

Check back with WWE.com as we continue to follow developments in the most shocking incident in sports-entertainment history.''

Why did Vince ruin a decent episode with a fake death scene? And why do they relate this episode ending to a real story happening to Orlando Letelier during the 1970's? Does Vince and the WWE actually think that we might believe the story? It really shows that this whole WWE is getting cheaper and cheaper.



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