Overtime!: Anaheim push Detroit at the edge of the cliff.
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anaheim push Detroit at the edge of the cliff.

The Anaheim Ducks managed to transform a near loss into a victory as they defeated the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 in overtime. Teemu Selanne, who was almost invisible all game long managed to score the game-winner.

The Detroit Red Wings were leading 1-0 and were only 48 seconds away from defeating the Ducks when Scott Niedermayer scored the game tying goal on the power play during the last minute of the 3rd period. Then halfway into the 1st overtime period, Selanne ended the game.

This game could very well be the turning point in the series. The Wings have to forget this loss and work harder to avoid the elimination.

Game 6 will be played in Anaheim in two days.

Western conference final.
Anaheim Ducks 2 - Detroit Red Wings 1 (1st overtime)
(Anaheim lead the series 3-2)

(Picture: Getty images)



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