Overtime!: Bernie Ecclestone gives an ultimatum to the Australian GP.
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bernie Ecclestone gives an ultimatum to the Australian GP.

Formula 1's pope, Bernie Ecclestone warned the Australian Grand Prix organization today. He wants the race to be scheduled during the night to increase the number of television viewers. Should the organization fail to do so, Ecclestone said that he would move the event in a different country. Melbourne's contract is due to expire in 2010.

The Singapore GP and Malaysian GP are almost officially scheduled and are supposed to be run during the night. An anonymous person close to the australian organization said that such a demand will not be suited for the local population. Starting the race at 9PM will ruin the event known to be a family activity. It would be ideal to keep the event during the afternoon according to that person. There are also security issues that have to be considered. Some pilots including Fernando Alonso say that night races are virtually impossible to be done for security reasons. To me, the best solution is still to air the event live and broadcast it a few hours later in selected countries.

I tend to agree with that anonymous person. A Grand Prix is a great father-son activity for example. Moving it during the night would totally ruin it. Ecclestone demands are purely financially oriented. He is willing to risk the drivers' lives just to make more money. The Formula 1 and Bernie Ecclestone is already a billionnaire entity. They do not need more money to survive.

But we all know the nature of rich and fortunate people. It is never enough. More, more, more and me, me, me. Simply pathetic Bernie. Why don't you retire old man?

(Picture: Canadian Press)



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