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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Get paid to blog about the things you love.

That sentence is one of payperpost's favorite line and describes pretty well my experience so far with them. I blog about things I love and in some cases I get paid for it.

But more importantly I bumped into other blogs from other posties and made friends with them, exhanged tips, comments, created more life and more comments in here as time went on. I now go read on a daily basis other payperpost members blog just because I came to discover quality bloggers I didn't know about. The forum and the company blog are also active and updated on a daily basis. Postiecon is also an event scheduled for posties and advertisers this fall in Las Vegas! At this meeting, new bonds between PPP bloggers will be created. Maybe great new blogs will be created, who knows?

If you are a potential advertiser, why don't you plan a little pass thru Vegas to meet the whole team? Of course the advertisers that brings in opportunities for us bloggers are an important part of the team. Some of them have very interesting products or services. Sometimes it's a brand new contest, sometimes their campaign is just plain fun and sells itself. Results for some campaings speak for themselves. Maybe your next campaign is taylor-made for us! Compare the costs of what your last campaign costed with what it would cost to get similar or even better results.

All this and much more makes me stick with the payperpost band.


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