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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First round predictions.

The NHL first round playoffs are now over. Before the beginning of the first round I have posted in here my predictions for every series. Time for the comparison. One point for the correct team that advanced and one point for the correct number of games will be counted for a maximum of 16 points. Let's see the results.

Green: My prediction.
Red: Final result.

Ottawa Senators-Pittsburgh Penguins:(Pitt in 6)(Ottawa in 5)=0 points
Buffalo Sabres-New- York Islanders: (Buf in 5) (Buf in 5) = 2 points.
New-Jersey Devils-Tampa Bay Lightning:(N-J in 6)(N-J in 6)=2 points
Atlanta Trashers-New-York Rangers: (N-Y in 7) (N-Y in 4) = 1 point.
Detroit Red Wings-Calgary FLames: (Det in 7) (Det in 6) = 1 point.
Anaheim Ducks-Minnesota Wild: (Ana in 5) (Ana in 5) = 2 points.
Dallas Stars-Vancouver Canucks: (Van in 5) (Van in 7) = 1 point.
San Jose Sharks-Nashville Predators: (Nash in 6) (SJ in 5) = 0 points.

First round total: 9/16 points.


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