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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sweet December.

This month of December is giving us great stories to discuss about.

Tiger Woods have dropped a four stroke lead in the final round this weekend, and, for the first time has gone an entire season without a single victory. Tough times for Tiger in 2010.

The Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre are litterally suffering this season. After a rocky start, the Vikings have managed to pull themselves to a 5-7 record and are still sitting in the last wagon towards the playoffs.

Brett Favre have left this weekend's game after the third play from scrimmage with a shoulder injury. His 297th consecutive start was one of his shortest ever and Tavaris Jackson did well in relief. The defense also stood up as they ripped the ball away from the Buffalo Bills a number of times in this one.

The Montreal Canadiens are still ranked among the top teams in the NHL Eastern conference despite the loss of defense men Andrei Markov for the remainder of the season. Markov is about to go through another reconstructive surgery. The Canadiens will have a difficult decision to make as Markov's contract expires this summer.

The World Junior Hockey championships are only weeks ahead and promises another great competition. The bright future from all around the globe will show their potential to the whole world. This competition is always fun to watch during the Holidays. Team Canada will defend their Gold Medal.

I also have to mention that Overtime! has reached 22 000 readers this month. Thank you all for visiting and taking the time to read and comment my articles. It's always a pleasure to interact with you.

Happy holidays to every reader! And once again, 22 000 times thank you!



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