Overtime!: Jonathan Duhamel Wins The 2010 WSOP Main Event!
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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Jonathan Duhamel Wins The 2010 WSOP Main Event!

For the first time in WSOP history, a Canadian has won the main event!

To clinch the championship, Jonathan Duhamel eliminated the American John Racener, the last opponent to face him in head-to-head action. The winning hand, an Ace and a Jack beat Racener's King and Eight.

Many fans that came to support Duhamel were wearing the Montreal Canadiens' jersey. The 2010 WSOP champion promised to donate $100,000 to the Montreal Canadiens' childrens foundation.

Duhamel pockets $8,944,310 for his victory. At 22 years old, his poker career has been launched to superstar status.

Canadians all over the country are proud of Duhamel's incredible accomplishment today. The news of his victory is spreading all over from every news source in Canada. There are a lot of interviews coming up for him here in Quebec as he should go around a list of televised shows.

Once again, congratulations to Jonathan Duhamel for his great and inspiring victory.

(Picture: Jonathan Duhamel, WSOP.)



Anonymous baseball tips said...

$8,944,310 is really huge ! Ho man get this amount ! :)

1:57 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Yeah, and after income taxes, it leaves him just over $4,000,000 in his pockets! :)

10:10 AM  

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