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Monday, January 25, 2010

Brett Favre: Like A Warrior, Until The End.

Last Sunday, the NFL's NFC and AFC championships were played and once again the football fans had a great show.

Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings were at the Superdome to face the New Orleans Saints for a spot in Super Bowl XLIV. The Indianapolis Colts, with their 30-17 victory over the New York Jets a little earlier, were waiting to see who they will face in two weeks.

A fierce battle between the Vikings and the Saints raged during more than an hour of play. Both teams exchanged touchdowns, hard hits and crucial turnovers. For one, Brett Favre had his dose of hard hitting. One of the worse of them, from behind, sent Favre on the ground in obvious pain.

The Vikings down 21-28 at that moment were desperate to see their quarterback back on the field. And once again, the 40-year old phenom laced his shoe back on and returned to the field, limping.

After a couple of difficult series, the Vikings orchestrated an ultimate drive, ended by a Adrian Peterson touchdown. 28-28.

This was Peterson's third TD of the night despite dropping the pigskin four times. The Vikings even had an last chance to win the game during the final minute of the game but Favre tried to force a ball down the field and was picked by the defense.

This suspensful game needed extra time and the Saints won the cointoss. They did not allow Favre to creep back in this one. A well designed drive allowed their kicker to win it from 40 yards out.

I have to congratulate both the Colts and the Saints for reaching the Super Bowl this year. Both of these teams deserve to be there.

As for my favorite NFL player, he once again played like a warrior. Determined, tough and charismatic, he once again made me believe that everything is possible in this world. But the ultimate goal just slipped between his fingers once again. Will he find the inner strenght to come back next year? I truly hope so because he once again gave us all a hell of a show.

Congratulations Brett for your accomplishments.

(Picture: Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson, Canadian Press.)



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