Overtime!: 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships: Team USA Wins Gold.
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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 World Junior Hockey Championships: Team USA Wins Gold.

These 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships will be remembered for the classic gold medal match, which was simply spectacular.

The overtime period was necessary to declare a winner and John Carlson scored the winning goal taking away Team Canada's 6th straight gold medal with that 6-5 victory.

I have to tip my hat to Team Canada's determination in this one. Down 3-5 with under three minutes to play in regulation, Jordan Eberle scored twice and tied the game in dramatic fashion. But the ultimate goal never came for Canada during overtime.

The game was difficult for the starting goaltenders in this game. Both Jake Allen and Mike Lee finished the game on the players' bench, replaced after giving soft goals.

Here is the 2010 World Juniors podium:

Gold Medal: Team USA
Silver Medal: Team Canada
Bronze Medal: Team Sweden

A mention for Team Switzerland who finished fourth after defeating Team Russia in the quarterfinals.

Congratulations to Team USA for their great victory.

(Picture: Team USA, Getty Images.)

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