Overtime!: Patrice Cormier Hits Mikael Tam: Disturbing Images Moves Press.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Patrice Cormier Hits Mikael Tam: Disturbing Images Moves Press.

This last Sunday, during the overtime period of a regular season game in the Quebec's Junior Hockey League opposing the Quebec Remparts to the Rouyn Noranda Huskies, Patrice Cormier of the Huskies viciously blindsided defense men Mikael Tam with an elbow shot to the head.

Tam fell on the ice face first, unconcious and convulsing. Disturbing images that went all around the world and that will take long to be forgotten. It took me two full days and positive news about Mikael Tam's health condition to lower my level of outrage.

In my humble opinion, and should I have the opportunity to take that kind of a decision, I would ban Cormier from any organized ice hockey competition and send him to an anger management therapy. This kind of behaviour endangers every other player's health while sending a disgusting image of ice hockey. Those actions deserve this kind of punishment.

In that same line of thought, could it be possible for a professional player to ask a judge for a restraining order against Cormier stating that with Patrice Cormier's past actions, he is endangering his Million dollar career?

That would in the end result to the same point: Ban Cormier before he kills someone during a hockey game.

(Picture: Mikael Tam, Canadian Press.)



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