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Sunday, April 19, 2009

FeedCluster.com aggregators.

I have created a new community and I invite you to register your blog feed to my aggregator list. There are no limits, as long as it is a personal blog, I invite you to submit your blog url to my community.

If you prefer to start your own community, I invite you to visit: FeedCluster.com aggregators

The website is really easy to navigate and your brand new blog aggregator community will be ready in only a few seconds!

I have created mine within a single minute. I also added a widget at the bottom of my main page. It is so easy and quick. It only took me two minutes total.

You too can invite other bloggers to join your community and increase the amount of readers in only a couple of days!

We all know that it is difficult to get started and to get your blog or brand known out there. A tool like the Feedcluster.com blog aggregator is a handy friend.

Get your blog known and read more often. And by the way, don't forget to join my community! It will only take you a few seconds. Go to http://overtime.feedcluster.com/ to submit your personal blog feed to my aggregator. Increased readers guaranteed.


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