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Monday, December 08, 2008

15 000 readers!

Today, overtime! got past the 15 000 visitors mark. The unique visitor count is active in here since January 1st of 2007. The amount of visitors has been increasing steadily ever since.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every reader for their visit over the past two years. I had a lot of fun reviewing the different international sporting events as they happened.

I also had a lot of pleasure exchanging views and opinions with you, the readers, who left me comments on my posts during those last two years. I also wish to thank those of you who are linking back to me or are exchanging a sidebar link with this blog. Without you, this blog would not exist anymore.

If you want to exchange a link with me you are welcome. Just link to this blog then leave me a comment and I will link to your page as soon as I get back online.

I wish you all a great holiday season, and why not, a happy and prosperous 2009.

(Picture: At the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.)

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