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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

30$? Sweet!

I have not played online poker a lot in 2007 and even this year. The reason is simple: I either did not have the time or the freerolls were not interesting enough for me.

That was before the Pokerstars Summer games '08 tournament that took place in Spetember and October. I have participated to the event and qualified for the 5$ prize a total of five times out of the eight events proposed. This was a good way to build my bankroll from scratch.

Once the competition was over, I started playing some ring games on Pokerstars.com and won my fair share of money. Now my bankroll is big enough for me to start withdrawing some money out of my account. So last week I took 30$ out of there and I received the money a couple of days later.

I know, 30$ is not much but it's a start. If I add up all my online poker winnings over the last 3 years, the amount I have withdrawn is a bit more interesting. So, how much have I earned playing poker online thus far? Let me check my notes here...

Hmmm, according to my notes, my ''online poker career winnings'' are at a (whopping) 900$ US dollars. Not bad for an amateur only playing freerolls. :)

Have a nice day everyone.



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