Overtime!: A new fight for Eric Lucas.
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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A new fight for Eric Lucas.

The former WBC champion Eric Lucas intended to come out of retirement and was training seriously since the month of June for a fight in next December or January.

But his plans of coming back to the competition have been seriously jeopardized this week. His four year old daughter Melodie was sick and had a strong case of persistent fever. The Lucas family decided to go on and see a doctor hoping for a minor diagnosis.

The news that came out of the examination of Melodie Lucas this week was everything but minor. The young girl was diagnosed this week with a rare form of cancer. A tumor around her kidneys was found by the doctor.

Eric Lucas' plans of coming out of retirement are now seriously compromised. At this very moment, there is no official decision as of the continuation of his boxing career. A new kind of fight has now been scheduled for the former champion and his family.

I sincerely wish the best for Melodie Lucas and her parents, Eric Lucas and Marie-Claude Descoteaux. My prayers for a speedy recovery are going to the young girl. May the family find the strenght and courage to go through these dark times.

(Picture: Eric Lucas.)



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