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Friday, February 29, 2008

What if the earth came from an oyster?

The non-scientific world came up with a shocking conclusion this week. Without any serious proof and based on a single picture grabbed somewhere on the internet, a group of lazy and ignorant people came to this conclusion: The planet earth came from a giant space oyster.

The conclusion was rejected by the scientific world because they have never located any giant oyster in space.

But the space oyster believers still claim that the proof is out there, while broadcasting ''ad nauseam'' the shocking earth-creating oyster picture as a solid and tangible proof of the earth's creation.

On a more serious note, a website called ''Be Oyster Aware'' is providing a great source of information about those delicious mollusks.

On the site, we can find many great oysters recipes and an extensive report on the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria contained in some oysters. The bacteria can be dangerous for people with liver diseases, diabetes or cancer. Those people are at risk in front of the bacteria especially because of the weakness of their own immune system. But in fact, the bacteria is totally inoffensive to normally healthy people.

Gulf oysters processors have developped new technologies to ensure safer alternatives to raw oyster eaters. The process includes individual quick freezing (IQF), low heat pasteurization or heat cool pasteurization (HCP) and high-hydrostatic pressure (HHP). With these processes, the raw oyster eaters can eat as many raw oysters as they want without any risk of contamination from the vibrio vulnificus bacteria.

All the details about this new technique and many more can be found on the www.Beoysteraware.com website. So if you are an oyster eater, you will find this site very interesting.


Blogger The Blogger Exposed said...

I'm thinking there just might be something to this. I mean, if there's a picture on the internet to prove it, then what's all the controversy about? ;)

8:32 PM  

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