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Monday, February 18, 2008

No confession.

Today in front of many press members, Eric Gagné, a relief pitcher of the Milwaukee Brewers has apologized to his family members and teammates for the distractions he caused regarding the Mitchell report.

The 32-years-old relief pitcher has given a list of apologies but did not answer to any questions from the members of the press gathered around him. Gagné said that he was happy that Major League Baseball was trying to eradicate the use of drugs from the players.

The apologies from Eric Gagné are in a way a disguised confession. With his apologies, he almost said that he used growth hormones without saying it.

Over 80 names of Major League Baseball players have been mentionned in the Mitchell report and the name of Eric Gagné is present in the now famous report.

(Picture: Eric Gagné.)



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