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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Arrest warrant on Guy Lafleur.

Yesterday, an arrest warrant was emitted to a former member of the Montreal Canadiens and NHL legend Guy Lafleur for contradictory statements in court.

Guy Lafleur's son, Mark Lafleur, was on probation under conditions as he is filed for 22 different criminal charges committed between 2004 and 2007, including possession and distribution of narcotics, kidnapping, physical and sexual assault on a teenager.

Among the conditions of Mark Lafleur, one of them stated that he should stay at his father's residence during the night. A condition that is now proven to have been broken twice in october of 2007 when Guy Lafleur himself drove his son at a hotel for him to meet his new 16-year old girlfriend in privacy.

When asked in court about those events, Lafleur denied and tried to protect his son. A big mistake. Now Guy Lafleur himself is dragged in front of justice, a story that is becoming sour for Montreal's ex-number 10.

The warrant will be effective on friday morning but Lafleur will meet the police early this morning. Lafleur's lawyer is furious about the fact that the justice system issued a warrant on him. The lawyer thinks that to issue a warrant you must fear for the security of the population or plan to leave the country, two things unthinkable about Guy Lafleur. Lafleur's lawyer thinks that a warrant was not necessary, even abusive in this case.

The story is hurting Guy Lafleur's image and is very sad. He was dragged in trouble little by little by his own son. The man was always known to be frank and I am convinced that he will face his responsabilities.

Any fault and punishment awarded to him in this story remains to be known.

(Picture: Mark and Guy Lafleur, Canadian press.)

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Anonymous NHL FAN IN TUCSON said...

Guy is innocent...his whacky son should serve his father's sentence.

3:59 AM  
Anonymous kat said...

The charges he faces are very serious. As they should be.

A: He lied at his son’s bail hearing. Yes, a troubled son but a troubled son facing extremely serious charges.


2: He aided and abetted his son in breaking curfew which was part of bail conditions.

AND: He drove a man near or in his mid twenties to a hotel to spend the night with a SIXTEEN year old girl.

It is only unfortunate that he cannot be charged for aiding and abetting a criminal as his testimony cannot be used against him.

This is far more serious than a simple ‘mistake’. It is a matter of flagrantly breaking the law (besides utilizing horrible judgement).

I fear for the state of the world when parents like this are so plentiful. A new generation of self centered, self aggrandized spoiled brats with an overblown sense of entitlement are up and coming and who is going to bail them out when their parents aren’t around to do it anymore?

4:53 AM  
Anonymous nhl fan in tucson said...

Okay Kat...

I guess you are kind of right. I change my opinion to "he should serve a maximum of 14 months."

5:21 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

I agree with you Kat.

It was a very big misjudgement from his part. It was almost like pushing him to commit more crimes in fact.

6:38 PM  

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