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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ric Flair: Still stylin and profilin.

Just a few weeks ago, the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, has put a stranglehold on Ric Flair's legendary career. McMahon stated that Flair's next loss will mean the end of his career.

Each and every week, the challenges sent towards the wrestler from Charlotte, North Carolina are getting tougher and tougher. Until last sunday's Royal Rumble, Flair managed to keep his head out of the water by avoiding the career-ending defeat. Even the great Triple H failed to inflict a loss to the Nature Boy during Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago.

But at the Royal Rumble, Montel Vontavious Porter, (MVP) the reigning United States champion was standing on Ric Flair's path. I thought that this matchup was too much for the veteran wrestler. But against all odds, Ric Flair took every shot from his opponent and managed to lock in his figure four leg lock in the center of the ring.

MVP had to tap out, unable to deal with the painful hold. (Yes the figure four is a painful hold. I tried it on my younger brother a couple of times when I was a kid. Don't try this kids.) ;)

Flair's career was safe for at least another week. Once again, the dirtyest player in the game found a way to avoid the ultimate loss at sunday's Royal Rumble.

Let's face it, the 16-time world champion cannot go thru 2008 without losing a match. He will sooner or later lose a match and retire during the year. Ladies and gentlemens, we are taking your bets: Who will end Ric Flair's legendary career?

For those of you who are not familiar with Ric Flair's career accomplishments, here is a list of his championships won during the last four decades:

WWE Championship (2 times)
1/19/1992, Royal Rumble: won 30-man Royal Rumble for vacant title
9/1/1992: def. Randy Savage

WCW Championship (6 times)
12/27/1993, Starrcade: def. Vader
12/27/1995, Starrcade: def. Randy Savage
2/11/1996, SuperBrawl: def. Randy Savage
3/16/1999, Uncensored: def. Hollywood Hogan
5/15/2000, Nitro: def. Jeff Jarrett
5/29/2000, Nitro: awarded from Kevin Nash

NWA World Heavyweight Championship (8 times)
9/17/1981: def. Dusty Rhodes
11/24/1983, Starrcade: def. Harley Race
5/24/1984: def. Kerry von Erich
8/7/1986: def. Dusty Rhodes
11/26/1987, Starrcade: def. Ron Garvin
5/7/89, WrestleWar: def. Ricky Steamboat
1/11/1991: def. Sting (became officially recognized as WCW Championship)
7/18/1993, Beach Blast: def. Barry Windham

Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
9/18/2005: def. Carlito

United States Championship (5 times)
7/29/1977: def. Bobo Brazil
4/9/1978: def. Mr. Wrestling
4/1/1980: def. Ricky Steamboat
4/19/1980: def. Jimmy Snuka
7/7/1996, Bash at the Beach: def. Konnan

World Tag Team Championship (3 times)
12/14/2003, Armageddon: w/Batista, def. the Dudleys (Tag Team Turmoil)
3/22/2004, RAW: w/Batista, def. Booker T & Rob Van Dam
11/5/2006, Cyber Sunday: w/"Rowdy" Roddy Piper, def. Spirit Squad

(Pictures: Ric Flair and MVP vs Flair, WWE.com)



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