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Friday, January 25, 2008

Escape the winter! Go to Key West!

Many years ago, as I was still a kid, my parents along with my brother went on a series of trips down south during three consecutive winters.

We just hopped in the good old Ford Elite on our first real family trip (it was a brown Ford Elite with a vinyl top, gosh! we rented a RV the following years) and we went from the province of Quebec, heading full south, down the east coast of the United States, and towards hotter temperatures...

We made many stops: New-York, Boston, Atlantic city, Atlanta. We rolled all the way down until the sunshine state. Jacksonville, Daytona beach, Orlando, Miami and all the way to Key West. We stopped and rented a cabin for a whole week. It was a blast.

Key West is unforgettable for it's sunsets. Seeing the big orange ball of fire sink in the waters is a spectacle itself. The place is not noisy and was a great choice of destination from my father. We simply experienced a perfect vacation. I strongly suggest visiting Key West to anyone who is looking for something different in the U.S.

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