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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Vick saga: pleading guilty.

The Atlanta Falcons' quaterback Michael Vick has filled the sports columns all over America this summer and a conclusion to this saga is getting closer.

After refusing to plead guilty for his crimes until yesterday, Michael Vick has decided to finally plead guilty today. The decision was confirmed by Vick's lawyer.

Vick organized many illegal canine fights at his residence. Many dogs were killed after losing fights or after being injured during those illegal and cruel fights. A very shocking story that made headlines all around for a few weeks already. Every animal lover (which I include myself in) felt disgusted of such actions by someone supposed to be a leader and a role model.

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, has barred Michael Vick from participating to the Falcons training camp last month and is waiting for the sentence to be heard to decide of Vick's case. Now Vick faces a maximum sentence of 5 years in jail and a $250 000 fine but will probably get less than the maximum sentence. An audition is scheduled on next August 27th.

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He's goin down.

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