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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bonds breaks Aaron's record.

Yesterday was the night where Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's home run record. The San Francisco Giants outfielder has hitted his 756th home run of his career, a new all-time record.

The record breaking home run was hitted against Mike Bacsik of the Washington Nationals. As soon as Bonds hitted the ball to deep center-right field he knew that this ball had enough to cross the fence. He went around the bases with his arms in the air and was welcomed to the home plate by his son Nikolai along with Willie Mays and his teammates.

Here is a quick list of players who totals 500 home runs and more in career:

1. x-Barry Bonds 756
2. Hank Aaron 755
3. Babe Ruth 714
4. Willie Mays 660
5. x-Sammy Sosa 604
6. x-Ken Griffey, Jr. 589
7. Frank Robinson 586
8. Mark McGwire 583
9. Harmon Killebrew 573
10. Rafael Palmeiro 569
11. Reggie Jackson 563
12. Mike Schmidt 548
13. Mickey Mantle 536
14. Jimmie Foxx 534
T15. Willie McCovey 521
T15. Ted Williams 521
T17. Ernie Banks 512
T17. Eddie Mathews 512
19. Mel Ott 511
20. x-Frank Thomas 505
21. Eddie Murray 504
22. x-Alex Rodriguez 500

x= active players



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