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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Desperate situation.

The Ottawa Senators are in a desperate situation as they are facing elimination tonight against the Anaheim Ducks in Anaheim. The Stanley cup, hockey's holy grail, will be in the building tonight and will be awarded to the Ducks should they defeat the Senators one more time.

Looking at the present situation can be desperate for the Ottawa players. The Senators have to take this situation game by game. First thing on their agenda: win tonight and extend the series to game 6. Every bit of energy they have left must be spent tonight. Losing means the end of the season and a long period of rest.

Anaheim lead the Stanley cup finals 3 games to 1.



Blogger stratz said...

Hey mate howz it going long time no talk. head over to http://www.mmmtalk.com/forums/index.php to check out the new forum I made. Also I hope the sens comeback but I doupt it. Burke is a genius stuipd former owner ship for getting in arguments with him.. Canuchs should have kept him. .But then again no Louongo then.

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