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Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't miss HDTV tuesdays!

As a member of the PayPerPost team you can blog for money while taking advertisers opportunities. But on tuesdays it gets even sweeter. There are all kinds of cool prizes to be won. For example, on tuesdays some posties already won 1000$ for a single post, an Apple TV, and even a Playstation 3!

More cool stuff will be given to posties on tuesdays. Thanks to one of our sponsor, Bid4prizes.com, posties will have the opportunity in the upcoming tuesdays to win cool new prizes like a brand new HDTV! How cool of a prize is that huh?

This tuesday May 15th, a few more cool prizes like a Slingbox, a Nintendo Wii, a Yamaha Surround Sound System and a Logitech universal remote will be given away. For more info just visit http://blog.payperpost.com/2007/05/hdtv-tuesday-playstation-3.html

So with all those prizes up for grabs on tuesdays, any blogger could just participate on tuesdays and make a lot of cash and cool prizes. If you aren't already a PayPerPost member I suggest you visit their website, join the team and have a shot at very cool prizes. The community is great, the opportunities are fun to complete and best of all, you get paid to blog about things you love!

Join PayPerPost today and you too can blog for money!


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