Overtime!: Senators blows out Buffalo 1-0.
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Senators blows out Buffalo 1-0.

I never thought that a 1-0 playoff game could ever be that easy for a team. The Ottawa Senators held the Buffalo Sabres to 15 shots on goal and easily defeated them 1-0 tonight at the Scotia Bank place in Ottawa.

Daniel Alfredsson took advantage of a lucky bounce and scored the only goal of the game halfway in the 2nd period as it was enough for his team to win the game. Ottawa now has a very comfortable 3-0 series lead.

The game would've been a blowout without Ryan Miller in Buffalo's net tonight. The Sabres' goaltender has been spectacular and has been beated by an unlucky bounce. I really feel bad for Ryan Miller because he has been giving it all for his team and haven't been backed up by his teammates during this series. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see Ottawa do well. The only sad thing is that a fantastic goaltender like Ryan Miller won't go to the Stanley cup finals and Ray Emery will. But the way the Senators play in front of Emery, even my own mother would manage to go to the Stanley cup finals.

The Sabres are 0/19 on the power play during the series and really looked like a bunch of midgets during this third game of the Eastern conference final. So why Buffalo look like midgets in front of Ottawa? They have the perfect team to give Ottawa a real and genuine battle but right now they look like they never played hockey and there is a reason for that.

I will tell you why... they are badly outcoached. Lindy Ruff is really a lousy coach. For example, he tried to show his ''bad ass attitude'' to the media during an early playoff round a few weeks ago when he said that he refused to smile and was not satisfied after their 1st round series victory against the New-York Islanders. If he really had a ''bad ass attitude'' like Scotty Bowman had for example, his players would've been so scared of him that they would've eaten the boards, the Scotia Bank place and the Senators tonight. But instead of that they only managed 15 weak shots during the whole game, a game that they absolutely needed to win.

Lindy Ruff never solved the Ottawa defense, cannot match a single line without being dominated and cannot build a serious power play threat. Ruff never took nobody anywhere in his entire life. Dominic Hasek took him to the Stanley cup finals a few years ago and players like Briere, Pominville, Afinogenov, Drury and Miller brought him to where he is this year. But when the players can't win by themselves, Ruff has zero solutions for them.

I would fire Lindy Ruff so fast after the end of the series that there would be no need for him to show his ugly face in the HSBC center ever again. I would FedEx all of his stuff to his home before the plane from Ottawa touch Buffalo's airport tarmac in two days. (Because this series will end in two days)

When I see quality coaches like Claude Julien get fired a bundle of games before the start of the playoffs for no apparent reason and coaches like Lindy Ruff keep their job for 10 years and win the Jack Adams trophy given to the best NHL coach last year. It makes me wanna puke.

Oh, and I haven't had time to chat about tonight's referees work...they were absolutely pathetic. They gave doubtful penalties early on in the game then ignored blatent penalties towards end of the game. The more things changes, the more it stays the same... a competent ice hockey referee is a rare thing on this earth.

Eastern conference final.
Ottawa Senators 1 - Buffalo Sabres 0
(Ottawa lead the seires 3-0)



Blogger achengy said...

I don't know about you but Lindy Ruff's complaining is starting to annoy me especially when it comes to effectiveness. I remember in the Ranger's series after game 2, going up 2-0 he was yelling at the refs at the end of the game. Unsurprisingly to me the Ranger's made it 2-2. It seems to me that's all that Ruff is doing.

10:51 AM  

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