Overtime!: Chris Pronger suspended 1 game.
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chris Pronger suspended 1 game.

Anaheim Ducks' top defensemen Chris Pronger will miss game 4 of the Western conference final for hitting Tomas Holmstrom of the Detroit Red Wings to the head while using his elbow.

A very dangerous hit that could've resulted in a more serious injury to Holmstrom. I disagree with such a small suspension as this vicious attack deserved at least a 2 game suspension. The context of when the hit was committed is very important. Anaheim was clearly losing the game, Holmstrom had already scored 2 goals in that very game and the hit was a pure frustration reaction. All of this makes me say that there should've been a more severe suspension. But the league always penalize depending of the nature of the injury, not the agression itself. It really is pathetic.

Game 4 of the series will take place tonight in Anaheim. Detroit lead the series 2-1.



Blogger achengy said...

Yeah I've had disagreements with you before on suspensions (Jordin Tootoo) but this one should have been at least two games. It was more then a simple elbowing type of hit like Radulov's 1 gamer. Pronger swung his outstretch arm in order to get Holmstrom's head into the boards and that is just sickening even if I'm rooting for the Ducks.

10:54 PM  

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