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Friday, April 20, 2007

New acquisition.

PayPerPost has announced us tonight that they have just bought a new company. They have asked us posties to talk about it on our blogs before they do the official announcement where everyone will finally know what exact company they have bought and how will it affect us, PayPerPost posties.

So what company do I think they have just bought?

I know for a fact that Ted Murphy, the company CEO, is traveling a lot in a year. I think that he was tired of the same old airports and decided that he had lost enough time waiting for his plane to finally take off. That is why he has bought 100% of the shares of Bartok Sciences, a company long ago owned by Seth Brundle.

Seth Brundle was a research scientist, who started Bartok Sciences in 1986. The main invention of Mr. Brundle consisted in "Telepods": two matter transmission pods that teleports any object through space from one "Telepod" to the other "Telepod". Nobody have seen the scientist since...

This should end Ted's traveling problems. With ''Telepods'' installed in Paris, London, L-A, N-Y, Berlin and Shanghai he can now travel and build his business all over the world without having to wait for his plane anymore. Jetlag? Gone. Rumors say that Ted will allow the posties full access to PayPerPost's ''Telepod'' network. But I think I am speculating...


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