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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A new stadium for Montreal!

After numerous rumors about the future location of the Saputo stadium, an official announcement has been made today.

Montreal really needs some new sport infrastructures just like today's announcement and this will really give the community another reason to go to the Olympic park.

L'Impact de Montréal, member of the A-league (soccer) will have a new home field for the 2008 season. Their owners, the Saputo family, has announced today the construction of the Saputo stadium. Located at the Olympic park, the construction is scheduled to begin as soon as next month! The stadium itself will include 13,000 seats and a training field. If needed, the stadium could eventually be extended to 17,000 seats.

Last season l'Impact de Montréal registered a record attendance of 161,762 spectators, an average of 11,554 per game. The Claude-Robillard centre could not satisfy the growing attendance, too many times some fans were forced to sit around the field because of the lack of seats. This 2007 season will be their 14th and last season at Claude-Robillard.

Because of it's location directly in the Olympic park, the Olympic Installations Board has leased a part of the park for the construction. After the 40-year lease, the installation is scheduled to become the property of the Olympic Installations Board. The total cost has been evaluated at $15 Millions and is entirely covered by private funds. The Saputo family has donated $7.5 Millions for the project.

Great news for Montréal!
*Picture from the Impact de Montréal website.*



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