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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Carbonneau effect.

An eventful game for the Montreal Canadiens home opener ended in a shootout again this time a 3-2 Ottawa win.

Chris Higgins opened the score shorthanded (already his 2nd shothanded goal this year) and sparked the cheers in the crowd. Montreal led 1-0. Ottawa got 2 goals during the 2nd frame and led the major part of the contest 2-1. Also a long fight that Aaron Downey dominated gave a good pace to the game. Then late in the 3rd Sergei Samsonov scored his 1st as a Habs tying the game and giving a point in the standings. Overtime didn't solve the 2-2 tie.

''The Carbonneau effect''
After 4 games the team totals in Penalty killing is 1 goal allowed in 24. 95.8%.

This is a major factor, explaining the team's place in the standings. 6 points out of a possible 8. Guy Carbonneau is and will be for a long time a very successful coach. He already blueprinted his DNA into this team and the effects are immediate. To be continued...

***Personnal ranting***
Christobal Huet's focus is WAY OFF! He allowed 2 goals because he made basic errors, and made those errors all game long. The kind of stuff I knew when I was a pee-wee... don't take off that damn skate off that damn post AND my hockey stick is not a decoration, keep it square on the ice!

P.S. I love you Christo I know you can make them all, your mechanic is sound. Just focus please.
Go Habs Go.


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