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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Don Matthews quits

The Montreal Alouettes` head coach Don Matthews quitted his job today in a very cowardly way...letting the team president announce it without being there himself. And even worse, the reason for his departure are the same as when he left Edmonton in 2000...health problems.
But those ``health problems`` of 2000 weren`t serious or life threatening so he accepted the head coach job in Montreal.

If you ask me, the actual ``health problems`` are as serious as the 2000 ones...total bullshit.

I personnally am glad to see that Don Matthews quits, even with the record of most wins in the CFL in history, his talents as head coach are doubtful, his charisma inexistent and how about his magnificient 2002 song: What time is it? It sucked.

So Don, guess what time is it now?


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