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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Schumacher 8th title in smoke

Suzuka, next to last race of the F1 2006 season. Schumacher and Alonso tied for the driver championship. Schumacher starting from pole and coming back from a big deficit to tie the championship. Everything was pointing at a Schumacher win and possible 8th title.

Schumacher led the race from the start and was looking good. I was ranting inside myself about looking at another boring Shumi win. Then badluck struck...right after his last pitstop his Ferrarri engine exploded ending his race and giving 1st place to Alonso and a 10 points advantage.

Now with only 1 race to go and a 10 point deficit, Michael Schumacher`s hopes to win a 8th title are next to none. His last Ferrarri engine failure dated from 2001... but this one will sure leave a bad taste in the mouth of the champion who was drooling over the tought of a 8th F1 driver championship title.


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