Overtime!: Montreal Canadiens rookie camp opens.
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Montreal Canadiens rookie camp opens.

Ahhhhhhhh a first camp is on it`s way! This means that in a month the NHL activities will resume.
We will watch the team`s first draft pick in this year draft (5th pick overall) G- K.Price. Goaltenders coach Roland Melancon declared that Price has natural habilities, a good physique for the job and determination to play in the NHL as a No1 goaltender.

Yesterday in Laval-sur-le-lac country club was the 2005 Montreal Canadiens golf tournament. Everybody in the organization was present, from owner Mr.Gillett, GM Bob Gainey who recently signed many players and team president Pierre Boivin.

All the Montreal roster was present, from José Théodore giving interviews and wearing a pair of shades directly out of Elvis Gratton`s sunglasses collection. Alexey Kovalev left a good impression to the journalists who say that HE is the key for this year`s team success. So everyone was present except for the star forward Richard Zednik scheduled to be back in town today. Zednik has recently married himself with a young local french canadian woman and the couple is coming back from their honeymoon and birth of their first child.


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