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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Formula One mascarade...

Just last week the F1 circus was right here in Montreal, at circuit Gilles Villemeuve. Nice weather and great race, everyone was happy.

One week later, the same circus is in Indianapolis. And this time it really is a circus. In practices sessions, 2 michelin tires exploded in a 10 minutes lapse of time. After investigation, Michelin engineers came to the conclusion that all of their tires were dangerous and without any changes all of their cars will have to retire for safety. So came some solution saturday evening; a chicane to slow cars at the dangerous point of the racetrack. 9 of 10 teams agreed this solution. Only Ferrari didn`t signed this document for whatever reason and the mascarade began... 6 cars on Bridgestone tires were to start the race. The 2 Ferrari, the 2 Jordan and the 2 Minardi cars. The last two teams were in this because one decided to go and other had to follow to battle for points. Even Minardi`s owner Paul Stoddart said:``This isn`t a race it`s a farce, and I will not stay on pitwall during this race.``

Fans were screaming REFUND! A shame for Formula One, and especially to just a few persons making this situation ridiculous. Fans from across the globe paid to see a race that never happened. Shame to Ferrari.

Another chapter of ``the italian job``.



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