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Thursday, March 10, 2011

NHL Says: No Problem Mr. Chara!

The National Hockey League didn't punish the Boston Bruins' defense men Zdeno Chara for his hit on Montreal Canadiens' Max Pacioretty.

Tuesday evening, with only a few seconds to go to the second period and with a 0-4 deficit in the game, the stage was set for such an incident. Approaching a dangerous part of the rink, Pacioretty and Chara went side by side.

A mild collision between the two players sent Pacioretty's head on the edge of the glass, resulting in a violent and spectacular collision.

Max Pacioretty has a fractured vertebrae (c-4) and a grade three concussion. His season is over while we are still waiting to see if he will ever fully recover from this violent collision.

The incident brought a ton of reactions from the fans who claimed a severe suspension. There was a lot of frustration yesterday when the league decided not to sanction Chara's actions. Another missed opportunity by the league to crack down on those dangerous hits.

Pacioretty said that he was disgusted by the league's inaction in this case. He affirms that Chara placed his hand on his head and directed it towards the edge of the glass.

I wish a speedy recovery to Max Pacioretty and I sincerely hope that the incident will not affect the rest of his career.

Here are the disturbing images of this incident:

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