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Sunday, April 25, 2010

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Montreal Is Still Alive.

Before the start of the series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Washington Capitals, I said that I would be impressed should the Canadiens wins more than a single game. Now I have to admit that I am impressed by the team's resilience.

Friday, the Canadiens and Jaroslav Halak have won Game Five of the series by the score of 2-1. Michael Cammalleri scored only 1:30 into the first frame and Travis Moen doubled the Habs' lead five minutes later. Alex Ovechkin was the lone scorer for Washington in this one.

The intensity deployed by the Canadiens players during the entirety of this Game Five was the most surprising fact in my opinion. I thought that a majority of players in this dressing room would quit in front of the task at hand. But I was obviously wrong on this one.

As for goaltender Jaroslav Halak, he once again proved that this whole season -and the No 1 spot- belongs to him. Head coach Jacques Martin did gave a shot at Carey Price earlier in the series, but without positive results.

Finally, I cannot go without a word about Caps' head coach Bruce Boudreau.

In the final moments of Game Five and down 1-2, the Capitals went all-in and called goaltender Simeon Varlamov to the bench in favor of a sixth player. As Varlamov was skating towards the bench, a loose puck was dangerously gliding towards the empty net. The goaltender decided to skate back towards his net to block the loose puck, unaware that the extra attacker was already skating on the ice. A mistake that did not went unnoticed and costed a minor penalty.

The goaltender's decision angered the Caps' head coach. Behind the players' bench, Bruce Boudreau exploded and clearly shouted: ''Stupid f**k!''.

This is simply another case of lack of class shown by the Capitals. We all remember Ovechkin's ice shower on a six year old kid wearing a Canadiens uniform moments before Game Four. Right after this game, I restrained myself from writing an article intitled: ''Ovechkin, talented but classless.'' But I held it to myself and wanted for the series to end before writing about the incident.

Does Bruce Boudreau really thinks that Simeon Varlamov is a stupid f**k? Was he keeping this for himself all this time?

Hmmm. Bruce, who exactly is the stupid f**k now?

Game Six will be played at the Bell centre on Monday. The Canadiens will try to break a six-game losing streak at home and force a seventh game.

(Picture: Bruce Boudreau and Alex Ovechkin, Canadian Press.)

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