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Monday, March 22, 2010

Montreal-Quebec Series: Quebec Wins The Decisive Match.

The series opposing Montreal and Quebec City came to a close yesterday with the presentation of the 8th and final match of the series. A match that was won by Quebec city by the score of 7-4.

As the series went along, the focus shifted towards goaltending. Quebec's netminder, Julien Walsh, kept his team in the hunt with some fantastic performances early on. Walsh ended up being named Quebec's star player of the series and only needs the public vote to earn the grand prize.

But at the other side of the rink, things went wrong for Montreal. Goaltending problems sank the team as they lost the last three games of the series. The worse came during game six as Montreal was ahead by a couple of goals with under eight minutes to play. The weakest link of the team allowed Quebec to turn back the series to their advantage.

All in all, the series was interesting to watch. There was plenty of genuine emotion for both the spectators and the participants. But my only bad mark that will be sticking to this series will go towards the caliber of both teams. With over 10 000 registrations at the beginning of the adventure, it was deceiving to see such thin lineups on both sides.

There was of course some good hockey players in there, but unfortunatly that was not the case for everyone when we looked more closely.

Final score: Quebec 7 - Montreal 4 (Quebec City wins the series by 5-3.)



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