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Monday, February 22, 2010

Canada Mourns With Joannie Rochette.

The Olympic dream of Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette took a dramatic turn this weekend when Joannie's mother, Therese, passed away in a Vancouver hospital after suffering of heart related problems.

This awful news was delivered to Joannie Rochette early Sunday morning, only three days before the short program, scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Many thought that Rochette could forfeit, but the 24 year-old skater from Ile-Dupas, Quebec, decided to stick with the plan and practice to prepare herself to compete Tuesday. A lesson and a source of inspiration for all of us.

Joannie's biggest supporter during the whole lenght of her career happened to be her own mother. The athlete is also convinced that to compete no matter the circumstances and the barriers is what was tought to her by her own mother during all those years.

Joannie is convinced that to compete is the best thing to do right now. She has to live her life-long dream knowing that somewhere, her mother Therese is quietly watching, proud of her beautiful and strong daughter.

We will be glued to our television screens Tuesday evening all across Canada in support of our strong, proud and talented athlete. We will all skate with her, twirl with her and push her higher, spin her faster, that she ever did in her career.

(Picture: Joannie and Therese Rochette, Sun Media.)


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alexandre Bilodeau: Canadian Pride.

Alexandre Bilodeau received his Olympic Gold Medal Monday as the Men's Moguls medal ceremony was presented in front of an electrified crowd inside Vancouver's GM Place.

Bilodeau became this weekend the first Canadian to win an Olympic Gold Medal on home ground. After the deceptions of Montreal (1976) and Calgary (1988), where the Canadian athletes fell short, the whole country can now celebrate their new Olympic champion.

Canada has a competitive team this year in those winter games and I expect at least a half a dozen more Gold medals before the end of the competition.

But let's go back to the fantastic Men's Moguls final won by Alexandre Bilodeau for a second. The level of competition was impressive as a couple of athletes were able to win it all. Other Canadians in this final, Vincent Marquis and P.A. Rousseau, finished respectively in fourth and fifth place.

But in the end, Bilodeau's jumps were simply out of this world. The first jump up there contained two full body rotations while the second jump, a backflip, seemed to never end due to the extreme amplitude.

The reaction of the crowd and the state of joy in yesterday's official medal ceremony testified of the pride of the nation for Bilodeau who's life has already taken a new spin. He came in those Olympics as a hope and will go out as a hero.

Congratulations Alexandre for your fantastic Gold Medal, you made every single Canadian proud with your inspiring victory.

(Picture: Alexandre Bilodeau, Chris Helgren, Reuters.)


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Monday, February 15, 2010

Montreal-Quebec Series: Do We Have A Series?

Game three of this eight-game challenge was disputed yesterday in Quebec city. Quebec was in a must-win situation as they could not afford being down 0-3.

After winning the first two games of the series rather easily, the players from Montreal did not show the same intensity and lost by the score of 6-2.

There is no explanation other than the lack of intensity to describe the poor performance from team Montreal. With the first two games in their back pocket, many players took the third game off, hoping that a teammate will pick up the slack. Unfortunatly, nobody did picked up their game.

For Quebec city, the next game will be a glorious chance to tie up the series at two games apiece. Yes, Quebec has an inferior team but we all know that nobody can win an ice hockey game without spilling their guts on the ice.

The players from Montreal will have to look themselves in the mirror and commit themselves before game four of the series in order to keep control of the series. Game four will be played next Sunday in Montreal.

Game 3: Quebec city 6 - Montreal 2 (Montreal leads the series by 2-1.)


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Monday, February 08, 2010

Montreal Canadiens' General Manager Bob Gainey Resigns.

The Montreal Canadiens' General Manager, Bob Gainey, invited the press today to announce his departure.

A sigh of relief could almost be heard among the team's followers as Gainey announced his intention to leave the organization.

Many of us, followers and fans, have waited for a long time for this to happen and many thought that Mr Gainey and his daily thoughts were away from the game since the tragic death of his daughter Laura a few years ago.

The club's direction is now assumed by Gainey's assistant, Pierre Gauthier until a new General Manager is hired. The club has important decisions to make before and also after the trade deadline. Also, many important contracts are to be negociated this summer.

The club is now at the crossroads once again. Which direction will be taken by the Molson administration?

(Picture: Bob Gainey.)

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Montreal-Quebec Series: Birthday Boy Hurts Quebec city.

The second game of this eight-game series has been played Sunday at the Verdun Auditorium and Montreal's Francis Leblanc celebrated his 31st birthday in great fashion as he netted two goals in this 2-1 victory.

Once again, the only notable player on Quebec's side was the goaltender, Julien Walsh, who saved his team from a second massacre in a row. Quebec city has not the firepower of their opponents and plays poorly. With just a bit of opportunism, this series could be tied at one game apiece.

But once the horn sounded after the third period, Montreal found themselves up two games to nothing in the series without having to face their opponent's swagger, if there's some in this room.

Game three of the series will be hosted by Quebec city this next Sunday. Quebec is now in a must-win situation. If there is to be any series, head coach Michel Bergeron has to do something to jump start his team.

Game 2: Montreal 2 - Quebec city 1. (Montreal leads the series by 2-0.)


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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Montreal-Quebec Series: Montreal Wins Game One.

A new reality TV show is making heads turn this winter. The legendary ice hockey rivalry between Montreal and Quebec city that once made headlines all over the province has been revived for the lenght of this reality TV show.

Over 10 000 participants has registered and only 32 of them were selected by both teams. None of them has ever signed a professional contract and it is the only condition to be eligible in this competition.

The head coaches, Guy Carbonneau for Montreal and Michel Bergeron for Quebec city, are now engaged in a fierce battle for the next eight weeks. Both of these coaches are immensly popular in the province of Quebec and add to the credibility of the series.

The format is pretty simple: Both teams will play each other eight times, once every Sunday. The winners will earn the bragging rights.

Last Sunday was the first game of the series and it was disputed in a sold out Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec city. The atmosphere was electric and hockey fans had a fairly good opening game.

Quebec city opened the score early into the first period when Bruno Richard pounced on a rebound given by Montreal's goaltender. Montreal took the initiative after this early goal by Quebec city but had to deal with goaltender Julien Walsh who was excellent in net for Quebec city.

Montreal managed to tie the score during the second period when Franco Subrani finally put one behind Walsh.

Guillaume Rochon sent Montreal ahead for good during the third period. Then Sabrina Harbec, the revelation of this first game for Montreal, doubled Montreal's lead halfway into the last frame. Philippe Gauvin reduced Montreal's lead back to a single goal but Franco Subrani scored his second goal of the match late in the game to confirm Montreal's first victory.

Quebec's head coach, Michel Bergeron, exploded during the late stages of the game. Unsatisfied of referee Ron Fournier, Bergeron stirred things up and accused the referee of running the show.

Final score: Montreal 4 - Quebec 2. (Montreal leads the serie by 1-0.)

Game 2 will be played in Montreal at the Verdun auditorium next Sunday.


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