Overtime!: Blackhawks fire Denis Savard.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Blackhawks fire Denis Savard.

After only four games into this new season, the Chicago Blackhawks have fired their head coach and ex-superstar, Denis Savard. At the head of the Hawks, Denis Savard kept a record of 65 wins, 66 losses and 16 losses during extra time.

The Hawks announced that they replaced Savard by Joel Quenneville but the real question to ask is: Why wait after only four games into the season? If the team planned to replace Denis Savard, why did they wait after the training camp and after four games into the season to make their move?

The team would've been better off with their change during the off-season. Now, the new coach is thrown in without any work and preparation. The training camp is designed to put in place a strategy and for the coaches to install their system. So why not fire Savard during the off-season to give a running chance to their new head coach?

Then there is the other side of the story. Why let Denis Savard work thru the training camp if they intended to fire him? The managing personnel of the Chicago Blackhawks are showing signs of indecision and it will not help them in their attempt of rebuilding the franchise.

With young talent like Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane in the lineup, a little stability would do a lot more good. Instead of that, the team now has to go through personnel change after four games into the new season.

(Picture: Denis Savard, Canadian Press.)



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