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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A comeback for Claude Lemieux?

A very surprising news came out today. At 43-years old and over five years after his last game played in career during the 2002-2003 season, Claude Lemieux announced that he wishes to play again in the NHL.

Lemieux's passion for the game is the only explanation for his return. He wishes to represent himself, is not looking for a multi-million dollar deal and is ready to go through the AHL before making it back into the NHL.

''Pepe'' has won the Stanley Cup four times with three different clubs in his career including the Montreal Canadiens, the New-Jersey Devils and the Colorado Avalanche. He is remembered as a gritty player who isn't afraid of anyone. Lemieux was a pest for his opponents and was loved by his teammates.

In 1986, Lemieux scored the biggest goal of his career during game five of the first round series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Hartford Whalers. The goal is still fresh in my memory as I was a young hockey player myself and had yet to experience a Stanley Cup run from my favorite team.

Claude Lemieux played his last NHL game as a member of the Dallas Stars in 2002-2003.

(Picture: Claude Lemieux, RDS.)



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