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Friday, July 04, 2008

Bob Gainey buys respect.

Montreal Canadiens' General Manager Bob Gainey made a popular decision as he has signed a three year contract with the heavy forward Georges Laraque.

Laraque is really coming back home as he originates from the Montreal area in Laval, Quebec. At 6' 3'' and 240 pounds, Laraque is a tough man to handle in a fight. His reputation is well known among the players across the NHL. His very presence on the roster will make some opponents think twice before laying out a cheap shot.

With the acquisition, Bob Gainey also wants to give more room to work for his goaltenders. Last season, too many players charged Montreal's net at will. Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak will be able to work with less contact and obstruction from the opponents.

When asked about his impressions, Laraque said to be very pleased. He declared that being a free agent, he wished for such an offer from the Montreal Canadiens. A three year deal worth $4.5 Millions at home in Montreal is a perfect fit for him.

Adding the fact that the club will celebrate it's 100th anniversary this next season and will host the All-Star game, Georges will be pleased and will most probably have a great season. His arrival with the Canadiens created quite a lot of reactions among the population. The majority of hockey fans, including myself, are thrilled with Gainey's decision.

(Picture: Georges Laraque, Getty Images.)

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