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Friday, June 27, 2008

Euro 2008: Germany - Spain.

The Euro 2008 is to be concluded this sunday as the remaining two teams, Germany and Spain, will dispute the honors. It is the first time that these two countries will meet for the final stage of a championship.

In the semis, Spain walked thru Russia by the score of 3-0. The Spaniards controlled the pace of the game at will and scored their three goals during the second half. For Russia, it was a good tournament overall as they haven't reached the semis at the Euro since the end of the Soviet Union.

For Germany, their semifinal match was a nailbiter until the end. A goal at the 90th minute gave them a 3-2 victory over Turkey. A great tournament for Turkey who played the most entertaining matches during the tournament.

The match to be played this sunday could produce an entertaining outcome. Both teams are loaded with talent and able to score. Spain will try and win the Euro for a second time while Germany has already three titles.

(Picture: Spain, Getty Images.)



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