Overtime!: Seven games for Jonathan Roy, five for Patrick.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seven games for Jonathan Roy, five for Patrick.

The Québec Junior Hockey League has laid out a string of mild suspensions today regarding last saturday night brawl involving Jonathan Roy of the Québec Remparts at the Goerges Vézina arena in Chicoutimi.

The verdict is in my own opinion is not nearly severe enough. The league has suspended goaltender Jonathan Roy for seven games while his father and coach of the Québec Remparts, Patrick Roy, is suspended for only five games.

Other minor suspensions to the Québec Remparts have been handed. Maxime Lacroix (three games), Marc-Olivier Vallerand (two games).

As for the Chicoutimi Saguenéens, head coach Richard Martel has been suspended for two games for being unable to control his own players while defensemen Sébastien Rioux who left the penalty box to join the brawl has been suspended for six games. Charles-Antoine Messier (two games) and Antoine Roussel (one game) completes the string of suspensions. Both teams have also been fined for 4000$ each by the league.

In my opinion, the league clearly missed a great opportunity to make an example of this event and to make a strong statement in regard of those kind of aggressions. When we look at the tapes, we can clearly see Patrick Roy ordering his own son to attack Bobby Nadeau. This kind of behaviour should've been punished a lot more severely if not sufficient for a banishment of hockey. Instead of making a statement, the league decided to protect it's own product and it's established star in Patrick Roy.

The third match of the series between the Québec remparts and the Chicoutimi Saguenéens is to be played tonight.

(Picture: Jonathan Roy, Québec Junior Hockey League.)



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